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5 Other 90s Gems That Should Make a Comeback

by Joseph Cohen July 18, 2016

5 Other 90s Gems That Should Make a Comeback

Our amazing fans have brought JNCO back into the spotlight, but we fiercely believe we’re not the only thing from the 90s that should be rescued from the dustbins of history. Here are a few other gems that we want to see make a comeback. Who’s with us?

The Chunky Strip of Eyeliner

Every 90’s girl knows what this is. Often seen in white or blue, the thick strip of eyeliner across the eyelid was an iconic look in the 90s. The great part about this look is it doesn’t involve the precision and accurate hand coordination that the thin eyeliner application does. With expressionism being what it currently is, there is no reason why the chunky eyeliner strip and other 90s makeup trends shouldn’t be brought back with full force. The world always needs more glitter!

Forrest Gump

1994 brought the world a classic movie in the form of Forrest Gump. This movie was so popular that it is still being quoted over 20 years later. Although there was never a sequel made for Forrest Gump, not from lack of trying, it remains a classic near and dear to all 90s kids’ hearts. Forrest Gump needs to make a comeback to the big screen now more than ever in a world where being different is frowned upon; the modern day 90s kids could use a reminder from their hero and all of his Gumpisims. 

Purple and Green Ketchup!

Just at the very tail end of the 90s came the introduction of purple ketchup! This genius move on Heinz part was done to captivate their child audience and give a new spin on boring old red ketchup. Although this trend did not last very long it should absolutely be on the list of mandatory comebacks! The reintroduction of this fun colored condiment could be a great way to relive your childhood and spark some new eating interest in the kids of today.

5-Cent Candies

There was no greater feeling than going to the corner store with a fist full of nickels and coming out with a fist full of gummy candies! Kids these days don’t get to experience the joy of actually buying something for five cents thanks to our friend inflation. Convenience stores should stand together and supply 5-cent candies for all kids to enjoy!

The Tamagotchi

Whether it was the pre-screening test to see if you could keep something alive before getting a dog or if it was your lifelong aspiration to be the proud parent of a Tamagotchi, everyone had one. The little pocket-sized pet that needed to be fed, loved, played with and taken for walks took up a whole lot of time for 90s kids. Not only a great tool for learning some responsibility but also a super cool topic of conversations at recess time.

These aren’t the only gems of the 90s, of course. What would you love to see make a comeback? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or in the comments below!

Joseph Cohen
Joseph Cohen

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