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5 New Year’s Style Resolutions

by Joseph Cohen January 09, 2017

5 New Year’s Style Resolutions

Out with the old and in with the New Year’s style resolutions. Here at JNCO we’re ready to forget about 2016 and embrace a fresh slate with resolutions that commit to better style and a better year kicking it in some fresh street gear. If you’re searching for a resolution or two that you can actually commit to, here are 5 that are the perfect ones to kick off the New Year

Throw Out the Skinny Jeans

Make the New Year a time where you truly get to embrace the style that you love. You don’t have to conform to anything! And that means ditching the skinnys. If you’ve been housing a pair or two in your closet, now’s the time to set your legs free and throw them away. Why not fill up that extra space in your closet with something a little wild :


Bring Back the Cords

We know that just about every 90s kid still has a soft spot for the cords – that comfy material, in a variety of cool colors - what’s not to love? So why should you feel ashamed about it? Killer cords are how we roll and how you should too! So rid yourself of any shame and bring back the cords this coming year.


Bring Back the Wide Leg Jeans

While you’re bringing back the chords, why not deck out your closet with the ultimate gear for street style and comfort – wide leg pants ! Wide leg pants are the style that your legs are begging to slip into with the ultimate room to breath and roam around freely in.


90s Everything

Celebrate and embrace 2017 like it the 90s! This year, dive into the 90s in any way that you can. Music, Nintendo, skateboards, cords, wide leg pants, bomber jackets , cassettes, ball-chain necklaces – whatever tickles your nostalgia senses, crank up your 90s love!


Stand Out from The Crowd

Here at JNCO, one of our main mottos is down with conformity! We believe every person should fully embrace their individual style. You don’t need to follow the latest fads in fashion to look or feel good about yourself. All you need to do is embrace the style that’s true to who you are and makes you feel comfortable. Stand out from the crowd and embrace your individual self and style.

Why not make some New Year’s resolutions that you can actually commit to in 2017? If you’re searching for some inspiration, we’ve got these five New Year’s style resolutions that you can easily keep and fully embrace in the coming year.

Joseph Cohen
Joseph Cohen

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