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12 Signs You Were a Raver Back in the Day

by Amanda Murray June 06, 2016

12 Signs You Were a Raver Back in the Day

The 90s were debatably the best years for ravers. Rave culture had exploded all over the world and so many people had finally found their happy place. Here are 12 signs that you were a raver back in the day.

  1. You owned and used multiple pacifiers…and you were over the age of 15. Your parent’s couldn’t understand it and you didn’t try to explain it to them.
  2. You wore more colorful beads than you could count. On your wrist, around your neck and around your ankles. Anywhere on your body you could hang colorful beads you found a way to do it.
  3. You owned A LOT of makeup in A LOT of different colors and didn’t only wear it on your eyes. It was the perfect way to brighten up your whole body.
  4. You like to scream. Screaming pumps you up, it doesn’t irritate or annoy you. You just don’t like having no voice the next day.
  5. You were not afraid to put objects in your hair and to style around them to make your hair-do as big as humanly possible. Having an individual hair-do that someone wouldn’t see anywhere else was considered having the edge.
  1. Being in a crowd with people basically on top of one another sweating and screaming is your comfort zone. There was no such thing as a personal bubble or invasion of someone else’s space, everyone shared the same space. You are definitely OK with touching.
  2. You wore your favorite pair of baggy JNCO jeans until they were torn to shreds from overuse (and that’s no easy feat). But you didn’t care because they fit you perfectly and were literally the most comfortable things to wear.
  3. You liked electronic music before it became cool. Listening to different DJs spin electronic music was the only way you would hear that music, now it’s almost considered mainstream music…how the heck did that happen?
  4. You had nights where you couldn’t tell when the night ended and the day started… It was all one continuous party. No one cared and no one ever stopped.
  5. You would happily travel far out into the middle of the desert in the middle of nowhere if someone told you there was going to be an awesome party. The more remote the area, the better the party.
  6. Dancing in smoke-filled rooms makes you comfortable. Bring it on!
  7. Flashing lights don’t make you convulse. They pump you up and get you excited for the party. It doesn’t matter if you can’t make out the persons face standing next to you, the flashing lights make you happy.
Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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