You Know You Were a Skater If…

by Bertha Gonzalez May 25, 2016

You Know You Were a Skater If…

There’s nothing that quite compares to the 90s. It’s the decade of sincere nostalgia that can more or less be summed up in the span of punk, grunge, West Coast hip hop tunes, awful boy bands, and of course, the skater style. From baggy jeans and oversized shirts, to those worn and shredded DC kicks, to days before technology compensated for boredom. You know you were a skater if…


You owned a pair of wide, baggy jeans that made you feel invincible. You didn’t care about fashion statements. Your “rebel against the cause” look was your fashion statement. Today’s skinny-jean-clad style just makes you sad.


You Played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.Whether it was with your friends after a few hours grinding rails at the skate park, or just hangin’ out - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was a staple game, no matter how unrealistic it was (turn on the Double Moon Physics cheat code, pull off the unprecedented 1080 Japan Air, profit).


You still think of rollerblades as your rivals.Even to this day, when you see a pair of rollerblades, you cringe a little bit inside. You can’t explain it. It was just a natural evolution of rivalry between skateboards and blades.


You owned a pair of DC or Vans.One of the first pair of kicks that you actually cared about owning were DC or Vans. They were an essential component to every true 90s skater’s arsenal of gear.


You’re still a pro at improvising.Back in the day, you could always find some left over junk to make a ramp out of or ollie over. It was all part of the thrill.


You know the Skate and Destroy video and Leap of Faith.You’ve watched these more than you care to admit.


Your body still hurts from those epic falls.Learning how to take a fall like a pro became as natural at standing - well, almost.


Your ears still perk up whenever you hear music by NOFX or Sublime. They were the tunes that fuelled your rides.


You put stickers EVERYWHERE.From cool brands and logos, to ones that made absolutely no sense – as a 90s skater, stickers were an addiction.


You remember the first time you nailed your first trick.Anyone who was a skater at some point will always remember that epic moment when you nailed that first trick and how awesome it felt after attempting it so many times. It was the moment that sealed the deal for your boarding obsession so that you could feel that thrill each time you stepped onto your skateboard. After all – that’s what it was all about.
Bertha Gonzalez
Bertha Gonzalez

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