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The Big Short

by Joseph Cohen May 19, 2016

The Big Short

Ah, May. The season where the temperature in SoCal is always a picture-perfect 72° and things are feeling good. From Seattle to New York, Chicago to Miami, we’re finally out of the winter funk and ready to live it up. In order to do that, we need to hang up our parkas, put away our mittens, and tuck our winter boots in the back of the closet. That’s right, it’s time to dust off our summer clothes – tanks, shorts, the whole deal! Well if you pull out your summer collection only to find that the shorts fit a little snug and last year’s hipster style is just so passé, we’ve got good news. We bet JNCO’s collection of baggy shorts, denim shorts, cargo shorts, and 90s shorts are right up your alley. Let’s get crackin’!

Scoop Pocket Shorts



Let’s start with a classic. If you don’t have a pair of denim shorts in your wardrobe, you’re doing it wrong. It’s with good reason that these are our most popular shorts – and they’re actually among our top 10 best-selling products period. Made of 100% cotton indigo denim in a dark stone wash, Scoop Pocket Shorts are a must-own, must-have, must-wear clothing item.

Skunk Shorts


So you love your playful Skunk jeans, but what happens when the weather hits 100°, you’re out at the skate park, and it feels like every individual sun ray is targeted right at the black denim on your legs? It gets spicy. Fortunately, you can still keep the badass skunk look, but in short form. Yes, we’re talking Skunk Shorts. Let those legs be Pepe LeFree!

JNCO Industries Shorts – Black


Streetwear has never looked so good. 100% cotton black denim, ultra deep back pockets…these shorts have everything except material covering your lower leg – what more could you ask for?

Indicator Cargo Shorts – Khaki


You could wear a generic pair of cargos that blend in with the crowd, but why bother when these exist? 100% cotton twill, more pockets than you can shake a stick at, and that perfect loose and relaxed fit you know and love. Also available in black for when you want to show your dark side.

JNCO Equalizer Shorts


All things being equal, these baggy shorts are bumpin’. Your style game will never fall flat, and you’ll never look bass-ic. 100% cotton black denim, ultra relaxed fit, and that signature quality and attention to detail you expect from JNCO.

Are you ready to get shorty this summer?


Joseph Cohen
Joseph Cohen

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