5 Reasons to Love JNCOs Plus Size Line for Women

by Diana Restrepo May 06, 2016

5 Reasons to Love JNCOs Plus Size Line for Women


For skaters, ravers, and everyone else who rocked the funky, wide-leg, baggy pants at some point in their past – you know JNCO was the name that pretty much coined the style. After much demand to bring back those good old days in a style that so many still cherish, love and want – we here at JNCO listened. Now, with our women’s plus size baggy pants, you can throw away those skinny jeans for good! And while you’re at it, here are five reasons to remind and rekindle your love for JNCO and our plus size attire:



There isn’t much that needs to be said about the comfort of JNCO pants. They’re wide and baggy which means you can relax and breathe whenever you wear them. No need to stuff your body into something restrictive and painful. Instead, try out our JNCO Jeans Classix - comfort and style all in one.


Classic Style for the Modern Woman

Bring back the ‘90s in style with our Ultra flare pants or more tapered designs like the JNCO Chimes Plus Size. It’s the perfect combo that will inspire you to bring back the 90s with class and add a little flare to your wardrobe.



With our Women’s Plus-Size Hypnotix, you’ll have heads turning in envy as you strut your stuff with cool wave designs inspired by the California surf.


Pockets You Can Actually Use

Never mind any of those fake or teeny-tiny pockets - at JNCO, functionality is as important as comfort. And that means having pockets you can actually fit things into, like our Black with Blue Accent Hypnotix pants. Front and back end deep pockets for anything you may need to stuff in them.


You Can Throw Away Those Skinny Jeans for Good!

We all know how fashionable skinny jeans are now-a-days, but ask yourself if it’s really worth the discomfort. No matter how hipster they may look, squeezing your body into something that tight simply isn’t worth the aggravation. So instead of suffering through the woes of the skinny-jean fad, toss them aside and pick up a pair of pants you can look and feel great in.


So forget about impractical, tight pants that make you feel uncomfortable as you squeeze your way into them. The best brand from the 90s is back upon request. You asked for it and we listened, including all new styles for plus-sized women. Pre-order your women’s plus size jeans today and toss away those too-tight-to-breathe pants for good!

Diana Restrepo
Diana Restrepo

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