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JNCO Influencer: The Dead Deads

by Amanda Murray April 29, 2016

JNCO Influencer: The Dead Deads


We had a chance earlier this month to chat with the rockin’ ladies from The Dead Deads, including lead singer/guitarist Meta Dead, guitarist Betty Dead, and drummer Billy Dead. Founded in 2013, The Dead Deads are a dark and magical rock band based out of Nashville, Tennessee. The Dead Deads have toured with the likes of Motorhead, P.O.D., Hed PE and War of Ages. Hardcore Dead Deads fans (know as The Dead Corps) are wild and show their love all across the States. When it comes to these hard rockin’ girls, X definitely marks the spot.



Why did you decide to start singing and what inspired you?

Meta Dead:My mom was a musician and music was always in our house and a part of day to day life. Hearing her banging away on her baby grand piano is one of my earliest memories.

Billy Dead:I decided to pursue music early on in life, my pre-teen years, but it became a hobby/took a back seat in college though the drive never disappeared. Other musicians and life experiences, like most, inspire me and brought me back to this music path I’m on now.

What's your go-to equipment on stage and in-studio?

Meta:We all use Orange Amps and Betty Dead and I both play Gibson guitars. Billy's on DW Drums. Daisy plays Fender basses and Hella's go-to keyboard is her vintage Alesis. My go-to equipment whether on stage or in the studio would be my PolyTune tuner, some high gain on my amp and my custom Les Paul, "Frankie."

Betty Dead:I play on an Orange PPC212 2x12” Cabinet, an Orange Crush SR120 head, and an Epiphone Les Paul Pro series guitar.

Billy:DW drums (4-5 piece), Zildjian cymbals, Vater sticks.

Who are your biggest musical influences? 

Meta:Lately, it'd be Helmet because we just recorded with Page Hamilton. I had been jamming their entire catalog getting pumped up to record, and as with anything you listen to on repeat, it finds its way into your songs. The last few days I've noticed that as I'm writing lyrics, I keep writing them to the cadence of this song they have called "Smart," off of Size Matters. I love that album. More generally, I'm influenced by the other girls in the band, my friends and their bands, and whatever I happen to be listening to which is usually a mix of crusty metal, hip hop, and garage rock. Bands I'd shout-out would be Jesus Lizard, Faith No More, Melvins, Nirvana.

Billy:The Breeders, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Prince, MJ, Joan Jett.

Betty:Some of my influences are Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, DRI, Blood for Blood, Agnostic Front, Minor Threat and so on.

If you had one piece of advice for a young person looking to break into the music business, what would it be?

Meta:Really ask yourself if you can picture yourself doing anything else. If you can, do that! Ha. But seriously, getting a music career going takes a specific mix of luck, talent, business savvy, and tons and tons of hard work and perseverance. If you seriously want to make music for a living, be ready to go all in. We're talking ramen-eating, floor-sleeping, blood, sweat and tears kind of dedication. If that sounds like something you can handle, grab your self-belief and go for it! It's a beautiful journey. 

Betty:I have told young people that it is important to have fun, work very hard, and treat it like a business. It is important to learn from past mistakes and to know that from failure comes success. Never give up on music because she will constantly find her way back into your life. Resistance is futile so enjoy the ride while you can.

Billy:Expect nothing, work hard, ask for help, and be nice!

What are your goals for the next year?

We plan to release these songs we did with Page, probably make a couple more fun music videos, tour with some kick-ass bands all over the country, and strengthen the numbers of our Dead Corps fan family.

Billy:To transition into this full-time music career. For the band, release a new EP, and likely a full-length later this year, and tour hard.

What do you like best about JNCO?

The brand is synonymous with a very specific lifestyle and timeline. Very few brands have that kind of iconic imagery. When you say "JNCO," people automatically smile and start telling stories about their favorite pair of JNCOs - what they were like, what they wore them to...it’s really cool.

How does JNCO align with your lifestyle?

When we wear JNCO brand, it makes people smile. On tour it was a huge hit. One night I wore the Black Hypnotix on stage and people lost their minds. We are in the business of grabbing attention, and the JNCO logo and look certainly turns heads.

Why do you think there's a demand for 90s fashion again?

Everything is cyclical. People are wearing 90s fashion again because music is returning to the 90s sound...or is it the other way around? Either way, the 80s were so contrived. The fashion of the 90s was about letting go of all that. Wear what's on the floor. Wear what feels good. Wear what you find at a thrift store or what your girlfriend buys you. The look was loose and unaffected. I've always loved it, and still have OG JNCOs that I never stopped wearing.

What's your favourite JNCO product?

Our whole band loves the black bomber jackets. They have so many useful pockets, they are super cozy, and they look good with everything. We also love the black beanie. I'm a fan of the  Hypnotixas well. Put them on with a nice tall pair of platforms and throw down.

Why would you recommend JNCO to others?

You don't have to. People see it and want it. So many people on tour were like, "I can't wait for JNCOs to come back," and we were like, "They're back, bitch."

The Dead Deads are genuine and down to earth, and these hard-working rockers deserve your support. Keep a close eye on The Dead Deads’ tour calendar for an upcoming show near you. Visit their website, check out their YouTube channel, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.


Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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