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12 Reasons the JNCO Women’s Line is Fire

by Amanda Murray April 14, 2016 2 Comments

12 Reasons the JNCO Women’s Line is Fire


Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, our much-demanded women’s line launched in late 2015. This hot collection of wide-leg jeans, flare pants, graphic tees, hoodies, jackets, and parkas is an edgy collection of retro styles.

A few of the happy words from fans on social media:

“Yes, yes, and more yes, with even more pleases on top!!” – Neeli W.

“I can NOT wait until my shipment gets here. I’m so excited I could just die.” – Misty L.

“This look never goes out of style.” – Jes B.

“I can not like this enough!!!!” – Sarah C.

“Wow! Can’t believe it. Though I’d never see these again. Loved them!!” – Darla C.

“You have to bring em back. I don’t think I have been this stoked in forever.” – Star M.

“Squeeeeeee! F*** skinny jeans!” – Shari C.

 “For the love of God BRING THEM BACK!!!” – Becky R.

“Can’t wait to wear these again.” – thatgoddess



The fans spoke, and we listened. Let’s explore the top reasons why the new line is nothing but FIRE:

All that glitters is gold.

Crown Deeped Heather

Pictured: Crown Tee Deep Heather

Sometimes you’re a space cadet.

Pictured: Galactic Tee

The women’s line is anything but drab.

Pictured: Parka – Drab Hooded

Wiz and Kanye know this is the real #wavy.

Pictured: Black Hypnotix – Leg Opening 32”

The state of style: badass.

Pictured: Solid State Jeans – Leg Opening 34”

Positively hypnotizing.

Pictured: Blue Hypnotix – Leg Opening 32”

Everyone deserves timeless comfort.

Pictured: Space Zip Hoodie

For those about to rock…

Pictured: Women’s Rocker Tee

Rep California surf no matter where you hang.

Pictured: Industrial Tee

Finally, a clothing line for women with attitude.

Pictured: Phantom – Bomber Jacket

Tall, dark, and handsome.

Pictured – Stone Wash – Smoke Stacks

Half pipes, all class.

Pictured: Stone Wash – Half Pipes

What’s your favorite item in the JNCO women’s line? What item would you love us to bring back? Let us know!

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

2 Responses

Paul Allee
Paul Allee

April 15, 2016

Here’s a good reason to shop Jnco if you’re a woman. The fashion industry has copied and pasted the standard five pocket jean design over and over from brand to brand but only jnco has challenged the basic structure of what we think of as jeans. No longer need we settle for a pocket so small it is practically useless or back pockets that force you to sit on your items.
What does this have to do with the women’s line? Buying clothing as a woman is almost insulting to the modern liberated woman. The same over done jean design is misogynistically transposed in a diminutive fashion across the board. Pockets are egregiously tiny, fit often inhibits movement, and the quality is impractical for physical labor.
I have not personally examined the women’s line from jnco but if i know Jnco, I would bet my house that the pockets are big enough to fit a smartphone in at least and that they are probably strong enough to tow a mack truck.
Equality, now that is something women can get excited about.


April 14, 2016

I used to wear these in high school would love to wear them again but…. I’m much taller now and the regulars are toooooo short any chance of making a longer inseam?

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