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Undercover JNCO Fan: Natalie Morales

by Amanda Murray March 30, 2016

Undercover JNCO Fan: Natalie Morales


If you’ve watched TV in the last five years, it’s a sure bet that you’ve seen a show with Natalie Morales. The charming actor has had memorable roles on White Collar, The Newsroom, 90210, Trophy Wife, and Girls. She had a recurring role as Tom Haverford’s girlfriend Lucy on the hilarious Parks & Rec, and now she is reunited with Rob Lowe with a starring role on the legal comedy series The Grinder.

In an interview with the A.V. Club to promote the underrated Lowe series, 31-year old Morales brings up her JNCO days. Asked about an embarrassing phase she went through in her younger years, Morales replies, “I legit did the ‘90s baby T-shirt and JNCO jeans looks, like gigantic JNCO jeans, Baby-G watch, puka-shell choker necklace thing. That was a thing I did. I have this picture of me wearing this tiny little Sailor Moon T-Shirt and big JNCO pants. And I think I had braces. And I thought that was like the coolest possible outfit.” 

Morales notes her embarrassment at this phase in her life, but she doesn’t rule out wearing JNCO again in the modern day. A quick look at JNCO’s women’s collection has an eye-catching mix of the old and the new, possibly including the same style Morales once wore.

via GQ


Morales doesn’t recall the exact size of the jeans, except that they were impossibly large. “It was not the size of the waist but the size of the width of the cuff, which is insane. I don’t remember how big they were. They weren’t like the absurdly big ones but they were very big. I remember my grandmother being like, ‘Why?’”

Grandma Morales may not have gotten it, but Natalie has the right idea. The interviewer Marah Eakin jokes that she’d like to wear JNCOs one day backstage at a music festival, just to see the reaction. Morales: “It would not take a lot for me to do that. I would one-hundred percent do that for free.”

When the interviewer tells Morales that JNCOs are still around, Morales’ response warms our JNCO hearts. “I think it’s gotten to the point in my life where I would probably wear those again now. I think it’s cool again now. Maybe.”

Rock on, Natalie! Support Natalie Morales and The Grinder by tuning in Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30 central on Fox – the next episode airs on March 15, and you can catch up on previous episodes on

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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