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15 Signs You Were a Nu-Metalhead

by Diana Restrepo March 30, 2016 2 Comments

15 Signs You Were a Nu-Metalhead



1. You owned a red fitted Yankees cap.

You haven’t watched a baseball game since the ’94 strike, but you wore this hat rain or shine for five years straight.


2. Your favorite Chinese dish is Chop Suey.

Wake up!


3. You wanted a David Draiman-style talon piercing…

…but your mom wouldn’t let you.

4. Your horrorcore mask got use outside of Halloween.

You couldn’t see a thing with it on, though.


5. Your favorite aperitif was hot dog flavored water.

Kiss my starfish, my chocolate starfish.


6. You worked through your daddy issues at 100 decibels.

Cut my life into pieces…


7. You owned more mascara than your sister.

And looked good doing it!

8. Your ultimate superband includes Jonathan Davis, Aaron Lewis, and Corey Taylor.

You’d be the DJ, of course.

9. Your garage band nickname was Skunk.

Squirrely Z on bass, Walnuts on blood-curdling vocals.


10. You spent all your allowance at Sam Goody.

Tuesday release day was the highlight of your week.

11. You set the alarm an hour early on weekdays just to get your Wayne Static hairstyle down.

You had to duck to make it through the school door, but it was worth it.

12. JNCO Mammoths were a key part of your Ozzfest wardrobe.

You’ll never forget the first time you saw Coal Chamber live and carried three buddies in free in your pants.


13. Your 7-string guitar is still tuned to drop A.

Shorty got low.


14. Don’t worry, you still hate Nickelback.

You think they were nu-Metal? Not on your life.

15. You did it all for the nookie.

What made you a nu-Metalhead? Let us know in the comments!

Diana Restrepo
Diana Restrepo

2 Responses

 Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis

May 03, 2016

i love nu metal XD xx


April 03, 2016

Reading this brought back so many funny memories, I loved the band’s that you list but I’m a girl. My brothers did a lot of the style, but I was all about the music.

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