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I Miss 90s Music!

by Amanda Murray March 14, 2016 1 Comment

I Miss 90s Music!


Let’s be honest – today’s music can’t hold a candle to the icons of the 90s. Tupac? Biggie? Kurt? Eddie? Trent? Tori? No one can compete. We talked with a bunch of people from around the U.S. and Canada, and here’s what they missed most about 90s music:


The Music

“The 90s made music exciting, rebellious and even a little dangerous again. The emergence of grunge with bands like Nirvana leading the way helped create grittier, more guitar-driven songs, with harder rock riffs that replaced the safe, synthetic dance pop music that defined the 80s. It was also the emergence of hip-hop and rap as a respected – and very powerful – musical art form that the establishment could no longer dismiss. Albums like Nas’ Illmaticforced the music critics to take rap more seriously and to begin considering their performers as true artists.” – Mario Almonte, Herman & Almonte PR


“I miss the music, specifically Riot Grrrl and grunge music and what they meant to me. As a women today in the world of film, where it’s heavily male-dominated, the Riot Grrrls from my youth are who inspired me to be a director and make films just like the boys do. They fueled my passion to create art. Men like Kurt Cobain who supported women artists and promoted them in his own artistic career by speaking about them in interviews and bringing them on tour as supporting acts. As a kid growing up on that subculture in the early 90s, that’s what I miss the most.” – Jacqui Blue, Filmmaker,


“My specialty is globalism, equity and discourses. My 90s nostalgia is for so-called ‘urban music.’ The 90s brought hip-hop, rap and reggaeton (as it is now known) to ‘mainstream’ attention. The result was friction, debates, trepidation and pure enjoyment. Ultimately, the music intersected culture/popularity/politics and commerce in ways we may never see again” – Caril Phang, author of Birth of a Beat : How Kana:ta’ Creates World Music


“Every genre from R&B, pop, dancehall & reggae, gospel and country was just the bomb in the 90s. I have times when I just listen to music. It was really good music.” – Amoi Holmes, host of Real Talk with Amoi


“I miss the music. I became a teenager at the dawn of the 90s and I loved grunge and rap. We’ll never see another Cobain or Biggie again.” – Rasheen Carbin, CMO of nsphire


“I miss going with my friends to the music store to buy a CD, and then getting excited just to hang out to listen to it. I miss going to concerts in the 90s, where bands were famous by word of mouth. I miss grunge, alternative, punk, euro-dance, and 90s pop.” – Melodie Cohn


Let us know your thoughts…what music do you miss most from the 90s? Have music services like Pandora and Spotify made it easier to stay connected with the best music from the past?


Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

1 Response

Shaun v
Shaun v

March 17, 2016

Me and my wife still have like a 90’s music Friday where we blast all of our favorite 90’s bands. The metal scene was saturated with nu metal and the start of metalcore bands coming up. It will just never be the same anymore, there isn’t any creativity as there was back then sadly.

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