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10 Scents Still Unforgettable to 90s Kids

by Amanda Murray October 05, 2016

10 Scents Still Unforgettable to 90s Kids

Who doesn’t love the nostalgia in scents that come racing through our brains with whiffs from our past? It’s said that smell is the sense that is most powerful when it comes to stirring up our memories - you inhale that soft baby powder smell and for a fleeting moment you’re back in the throws of My Little Pony, braiding their long tails with your friends.


If you think that strikes a chord, check out these 10 scents that are still unforgettable to any kid growing up in the 90s.


Dream by Gap

Via Amazon


Although the Gap has brought out a range of scents since then, Dream by Gap was the iconic scent and must be the all-time top seller. Everywhere you turned there seemed to have been young girls spritzing themselves with that sweet, piercing scent from that tiny, silver cylinder.

Lip Smackers

lip smackers

Via Amazon


Whatever your flavour was, lip smackers were the lip balm of choice. And Dr. Pepper flavour seemed to be the favorite. Waxy lip gunk has no right to taste this good.

Cupcake Dolls

cupcake dolls

Via Pinterest


The colour pink, creepy dolls, and cupcakes - every little girl’s desire when they were 4 years old. Even if you grew way out of it, there was a mad joy in finding one of these scented wonders hiding in the deep depths of your closet. Or your little sister’s closet.

Davidoff Cool Water

Via Priceline


For the guys at school - and those perfume counters at the mall you’d crowd over to get a whiff of - Cool Water was the “cool” scent of choice that embodied that boyhood masculinity. Kids these days with their nasal-bomb Axe don’t know what they’re missing.


Fruit-scented Erasers

fruit eraser

Via Pinterest


Whether it was math class or science, you’d open up that pencil case and pull out those fruity “scented erasers” that actually never really smelled like anything other than eraser. But we still loved them. I’ll trade you a lime for a kiwi!


Vanilla Fields

vanilla fields

Via eBay


Everything vanilla! It was the perfume that seemed to dominate the school hallways that you just couldn’t escape from.


Power Ranger Toys

Power Rangers

Via Imgur


C’mon, don’t tell me you didn’t love the smell of a freshly packaged Mighty Morphin Power Ranger back in the day. Oh, for the love of those plastic-scented toys. And who can forget the smell each time you went to use the Green Power Ranger’s Dragon Dagger to summon the Dragonzord? Don’t deny it.


Bath Oil Beads

bath oil beads

Via Flickr


This may seem like a random one, and that’s because it is. But take a moment and think back – now you remember! They were all the rage in the 90s, especially when it came to gift-giving occasions. Throw those perfumed beads in a gift back with few other body products and your Christmas shopping list for your friends was done!



play doh

Via Pinterest


From 4 years old to elementary school kids, to maybe even high school – Play-Doh was one of those things that never got old – until it did. But mushing that colourful dough into oddly warped shapes and inhaling that semi-salty smell makes you remember the good old days when play-time was simple and didn’t involve staring down at a screen.


Candy Necklaces

candy necklace

Via Pinterest


You wore them, you ate them and sometimes you even shared them. Those sweet and chalky candy necklaces were the perfect bit of jewellery to wear that looked fashionable and gave you something to munch on during class.


Since time-travel is not possible as of yet, get your hands on any of these unforgettable scents and you’re sure to take a trip down the 90s memory lane.

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Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray

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