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10 Reasons Everyone Loves Heritage Jeans

by Diana Restrepo July 08, 2016

10 Reasons Everyone Loves Heritage Jeans

Remember the 90s and all of the comfort that came with it? We’re taking about those epic baggy jeans. No need to squeeze! You could sit back and relax in comfort with a multitude of pockets to fit just about anything. Well, thanks to heritage jeans - they’re back! So go take off your skinny jeans, breathe a sigh of relief and bring back the 90s in style. Here are ten reasons why everyone loves heritage jeans for men and women these days.


1) Comfort

Self-explanatory, but it must be reiterated - heritage jeans give you the ultimate comfort in jeans where you can feel good and look good. So comfy, they make sweatpants feel restrictive.


2) They’re Cool in More Ways Than One

Baggy jeans mean you can look cool while staying cool. Let that breeze embrace those legs.


3) The 90s

Who doesn’t love the 90s? Sure, maybe you weren’t born yet, but chances are you wish you had been! Bring back the 90s and be everyone’s favorite ballers and fashionistas.


4) Pocket Storage

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets. Anything you need to fit in, you can. Baggy style means there’s never a shortage of room for those gadgets, gizmos, and any other goodies you want to stash.


5) No Restrictions

Let loose without restriction. With these ultra-comfy pants you won’t feel constantly restricted by what you’re wearing, or in need of a few shuffles to rearrange yourself.


6) Sit Down with Ease

There’s nothing worse than attempting to sit down, only to realize the challenge you face from the jeans you’re wearing. Throw on a loose pair and sit down with ease and confidence.


7) They Look Good on All Body Types

Whether you’re a slender build, larger build, or simply feel insecure about the size of your butt or thighs – baggy jeans look great no matter what your body type may be. Tall or short – they’ve got you covered.


8) Laidback in Style

It’s where the 90s meets a touch of that bohemian 60s vibe. Heritage jeans let you exude that laidback vibe in style.


9) Stand Out from the Herd

If you’re frustrated with those modern, hipster trends and have been looking for a change, this is the perfect way to create your own style and stand out in the crowd.


10) Wear What You Love

We know the love people have for the 90s, including the style that went with it. And as you asked for it, we answered. We listened and brought back this style so that you can simply wear what you love. After all, that’s what true fashion is all about: feeling comfortable in your own skin (and clothes).


Diana Restrepo
Diana Restrepo

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