Armani vs Armani Exchange 2021 Best Reviews

Armani vs Armani Exchange 2021: Best Reviews

Giorgio Armani is a famous and long-standing fashion brand specializing in clothing in Italy, commonly known as Armani, a prestigious brand in the fashion industry. Armani vs Armani Exchange are two great product lines designed by designer Giorgio Armani, and many of our customers still ask what the difference between them is? If you are also looking for the answer to that question, let Jnco Jeans help you better understand this article.

What Is Armani?

Giorgio Armani established the Italian fashion style house in 1975, and since then, the company has produced a lot of lines to achieve a vast range of individuals. To find the best understanding of precisely what the Armani group is and how Exchange Armani is different, you want to comprehend the breakdown of this brand.

What Is Armani

Up till 2017, the Armani firm consisted of many sub-brands that comprised events like Armani Jeans, Armani Collezioni, and Armani Privé.

However, because of mass confusion, it was determined to finish a number of those tags and have them incorporated inside the three primary Armani traces under:

Giorgio Armani: This tag is Armani’s signature high-end brand that aids in ready-to-wear men’s and women’s clothes.

This line is a high price point and difficult to encounter in a shop. Giorgio Armani additionally produces a decorative and odor range.

The original top-tier brand, Armani Privé, was folded and today lies inside the Giorgio Armani tag. Therefore, if you notice that a star is sporting a ‘habit’ Armani suit or dress with an occasion like the Oscars, they’ll be wearing the habit of Giorgio Armani.

Emporio Armani: Another ready-to-wear tag, but this one is geared towards young adults. It has had lots of celebrity endorsements and can be comparatively simple to purchase. This tag also contains another sub-line, EA7, and it has encapsulated the Armani Jeans brand.

Armani Exchange: This tag is Armani’s mass-market alternative for the fashion-conscious. It is widely available and at a more accessible price point. In addition, it took more than portions of the Armani Jeans and Armani Collezioni tags.

What Is Armani Exchange?

Launched in 1991, Exchange Armani is the most available and reasonably priced line inside the Armani family. The bar isn’t directly designed by Giorgio Armani but aims more of this fast-fashion house style young adults are searching for.

The development of Armani Exchange was going to pick up the American mass market that could not get the top-tier of the Armani brand new.

What Is Armani Exchange

The market for Armani Exchange is much smaller compared to the Giorgio Armani client. Armani Exchange’s target client falls between late adolescents around mid-thirties on account of these lovely and lively designs.

Armani Exchange has pinpointed crucial things which have a cheaper price point so regular individuals may get into the Armani brand new.

It is commonly regarded as the entrance brand for individuals first developing their fashion and becoming designer clothes.

The A|X branding is now iconic inside the Armani household and frequently featured on the clothes, providing a crystal unmistakable motto vibe.

What Is Emporio Armani

What Is Emporio Armani?

Emporio Armani is one of those original sub-brands out of Armani and sits at the middle tier of their Armani brands. The range includes clothes, sunglasses, scents, and accessories that are all very available to purchase. It is called a bridge line since it’s somewhat superior to Armani Exchange, although much less high-end since the signature Giorgio Armani tag.

As mentioned before, Emporio Armani took on portions of the Armani Jeans label back in 2017. This combination was partly because of the two brands sharing the identical eagle logo and a similar demographic of 20-30-year-olds.

EA7 has been an original sub-brand of Emporio Armani and remains among the most well-known labels available in the industry. What’s EA7? EA7 is a sports lineup made out of Emporio Amani and Reebok back in 2012.

It has been designed by Giorgio Armani with sports and comfort in your mind, and the range incorporates athletic clothes and athletic accessories. In the current position, EA7 is a favorite for younger (fashion lovers) viewers that follow the athleisure trend.

The entire Emporio Armani tag has been endorsed by actors in addition to sports stars, which makes it exceptionally hot and on-trend.

Comparison Table Between Armani vs Armani Exchange

Parameters of Comparison Armani Armani Exchange
Brand The main brand founded by Giorgio Armani. A sub-brand under the Armani umbrella.
Target Audience It targets people of different age groups who can afford luxury products. It targets fashion lovers that cannot afford high-end products but love fashion.
Fashion Style Armani makes various styles of clothing from red carpet gowns and stylish suits to street fashion lovers. Armani Exchange specializes in casual and trendy clothes that can be worn regularly.
Price Armani is usually very expensive and cannot be afforded by many. Armani Exchange is made for everyone and tends to be less expensive.
Year of Foundation Armani was founded in the year 1975. Armani Exchange was founded in the year 1991.

Similarities between Armani and Armani Exchange

Both are trend labels based on Giorgio Armani.

Both can comprise items made by different designers.

Similarities between Armani and Armani Exchange

Differences involving Armani and Armani Exchange

Main brand

Even though Armani is a fashion brand by itself, Armani Exchange is a style sub-brand beneath Armani.


Armani targets folks of all ages. On the flip side, Armani Exchange targets street-style fans and teens.

Fashion sense

Armani contains all kinds of clothing. But, Armani Exchange includes casual wear and fashionable clothing.

Pricing of Armani and Armani Exchange

Armani things are usually pricey. On the other hand, the Armani Exchange has cheaper and less expensive products. It’s the cheapest Armani sub-branch.

Year founded

While Armani was set in the year 1975, Armani Exchange was set up in the year 1991.

Armani vs Armani Exchange Conclusion

It’s an Italian fashion house, and way too famous all over the world. Giorgio Armani is the first brand under the Armani family and Emporio Armani is the second one. Anyone wants to own a product of this brand, a product where quality is always the top priority. We hope our article can help you better understand Armani and Armani Exchange. Let’s see our article Emporio Armani vs Giorgio Armani next time.

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